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Frequently asked questions

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Moderation usually takes 24 hours but can in some situations take up to 72 hours. There may be slightly longer wait times over weekends and during national holidays.

If your question is not answered on this page you can contact the support team via the Help button from within the app.

Please see who runs the support?

The working hours of the dedicated MV Family support team are Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT.

Responses can take up to 48 hours.

You can delete your MV Family account via the Security and Log In section within your app profile.

Support requests are handled by the dedicated MV Family support team in collaboration with the Duel platform.

In order to get the fastest possible responses to all queries regarding Monica Vinader, including order queries, product information or all other queries, we would advise looking for a support email address on the main Monica Vinader website.

Using the app

Click Edit profile to access your profile page and then you will be able to update your profile picture.

The program overview page covers all the information included in the welcome message.

The amount of points you have are shown next to your name.

At the top of your profile you can see a progression bar. Sitting just above this is the amount of points you need to level up!

At the bottom of the Challenges page, you can view the challenges you have already completed.

This means that your challenge was rejected. You can see the possible reasons for this under rejected submissions.

This means that this is a repeatable challenge. You will be able to complete this same challenge more than once. The amount of times you can complete a specific challenge may vary (for example once per week), and this information will be in the challenge.

Hashtags are not case-sensitive but they do need to be spelt correctly for us to identify your social media posts.

We recommend using the Copy button provided with challenge instructions to ensure hashtags are formatted and spelt correctly.

From the main menu click Rewards to view your rewards. You can also see the rewards you have received from leveling up!

Rejected submissions

There are a few reasons as to why one of your challenges may be rejected. Challenges will be rejected if:

  • You used the same photo as evidence on multiple challenges. All challenges must be accompanied by a new and different photo.
  • The photo uploaded is poor quality.
  • The screenshot uploaded does not show significant evidence of the challenge being completed, due to how it was cropped or how it was taken.
  • Required hashtags or tags are missing. See also hashtag usage tips.
  • The content of the photo or evidence uploaded is incorrect.


There are a few reasons why your Instagram post may say it cannot be recognised:

  • Please ensure that your account is set to public. Since our platform automatically scans and retrieves information from Instagram, we ask that you please change your account settings to public for the posting of the photo. After submission and the challenge has been approved, you can change your account back to private and you will retain your points.
  • Double-check that if the challenge is asking for multiple hashtags, that they are all included in the post. Hashtags must be included in the post caption, rather than the comments section, in order for the post to be recognised. See also hashtag usage tips.
  • Please make sure that the post you are submitting for the challenge as evidence is a new post as the system may not pick it up if it is too old.

There will be a set number of times that a repeatable challenge can be completed. You will be able to find this information within the challenge.

If you were ever considering creating an Instagram account, now feels like the right time! As many challenges are based on certain social media platforms, we do require you to have an account for that platform in order to participate.


It does not count as posting on Facebook. Posting on Facebook requires you to create your own content and post that on Facebook, making sure to include any required hashtags or tags.

If you were ever considering creating a Facebook profile, now feels like the right time! As many challenges are based around certain social media accounts, it does require you to have that form of social media in order to participate.

Referral codes

Please contact the support team with a screenshot of what you are experiencing so we can provide further assistance.


Don’t worry! It’s good to always log back in to see what new and exciting challenges are available. You may not be able to see all the challenges all the time.

As our users are from all over the world it is impossible to accommodate for everyone in regards to event challenges. What we do is create a wide variety of challenges so that there is something for everyone to do!